Friday, March 2, 2012

Toni Gonzaga stars in “Wansapanataym”

Toni Gonzaga is back into acting on television via Wansapanataym in a month-long episode beginning March 10th.

Although we always see her on TV as a host, we don’t see her act on the tube quite often anymore. But now that Happy Yipee Yehey has already been put off-air, Toni has a little more time for acting jobs.

The Multimedia Star will play the roles of fantasy characters that will bring good moral lessons to kids and grown ups alike in the very first month-long special of Wansapanataym.

Toni will be joined in the episodes by Guji Lorenzana, Bryan Termulo, Isay Alvarez, Eda Nolan, Tess Antonio and Atoy Co among others.

Toni can also be seen every single night of the week via Pinoy Big Brother, plus ASAP and The Buzz every Sunday.

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