Friday, March 16, 2012

BB Gadanghari to guest in “Paparazzi” tomorrow

BB Gandanghari (former Rustom Padilla) will be on Paparazzi tomorrow.


BB flew back to Manila last Friday after living in New York for two years. She’s here to do some project(s) for TV5.

She allegedly turned down the offer to be interviewed by ex-wife Carmina Villaroel by raising her talent fees so high.

BB, however, will be interviewed tomorrow on TV5’s Paparazzi where Zoren Legaspi, Carmina’s current partner, is a host. It would be such a delight to see Zoren interview BB, but talks say it’s going to be Mariel Rodriguez, current wife of Robin Padilla (Rustom’s brother), who will sit down with her.

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